Old Barracks Fife & Drum Corps

The Old Barracks Fife and Drum Corps, Trenton, New Jersey (photo courtesy of the Old Barracks Association)

We are happy to announce that the Old Barracks Fife and Drum Corps has released, in 2010, a recording that includes marches found in the Schaffner manuscript, arranged and edited by Steve Hudak, for the Corps, of which he is the distinguished director.The CD, titled, “Guardian Angels” debuts the talents of the fifes and drums of the Old Barracks. But it offers more than just the familiar compilation of martial music drawn from the 17th to the early 19th centuries; it is unique in that man of the melodies recorded are extracted directly from the previously undisclosed original manuscripts of Caspar Schaffner (1767-1825) of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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